2012 – An exciting year for JETAA Auckland

Greetings! Welcome to our new look website.

We have changed the site to reflect more about who we are and what we do as an organisation. In terms of social media access and areas to post relevant material such as photos please do so by logging into our Facebook group page. At the bottom of our new website’s frontpage are links to our social media sites including our new Youtube channel. If you were a registered member of our previous site and still need to remove your information please contact our webmaster Simon.

2012 is now well underway with most people back at work. This is a special year for New Zealand JETs as we help to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the New-Zealand Japan relationship. Furthermore, as we live in a world that is becoming more Asia orientated, and New Zealand celebrates its 40th anniversary and 30th anniversary of diplomatic relationships with China and Korea respectively, it is important to note that as JET participants, we have, are and will continue to play an important role in building bridges between New Zealand and Asia.

Here are some other organisations that Auckland JETs are involved with that are building strong ties with Japan and Asia.

A very exciting development for us in terms of relationship building has been our recent work with the Auckland Japan Society (日本人会)helping them to prepare for the upcoming Japan Day festival on February 26th. Our Liaison officer Jo McCarthy and our secretary Krystal Lynes have played an amazing role there.

During the first part of February JET interviews will be held and then it will be the long wait for hopeful JET participants to find out if they have been successful or not. Best of luck to all the interviewees and thank you to our wonderful JETAA committee members Shelley and Sonja for being on the interviewer panel.

Our AGM is on February 12th at Cornwall Park and we welcome all those connected with Auckland JETAA to be there and attend.

Some other exciting news;

We are currently investigating the possibility of setting up central North Island subchapter(s) in the Bay of Plenty and Hamilton. More information about that will be out soon.

The 2012 Oceania JETAA conference will be held in New Zealand and more information about that will also be announced soon.

If you would like to make any suggestions, are keen to get involved or have any queries about anything then please feel free to contact me or any of the committee members.


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