Winners – 2012 Hiragana Design Contest

Judging results for the 2012 Auckland JETAA Hiragana Competition.

Auckland JETAA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Auckland JETAA Hiragana Competition.

  • 1st place:      Edgewater High School for their “Ra” line
  • 2nd place:    Kristin School for their “Ha” line
  • 3rd place:     Ramarama school for their “Ta line”.

The quality and creativity that went into the work was of a very high standard. We would like to thank the three judges of Mutsuhito Maeda-san and Catherine Murata-san from the Auckland Japanese Consulate General’s office and Tomoko Semba-san, the National Japanese Language Adviser in Wellington.

Thank you once again to all schools who participated. Prizes and certificates of participation will be sent to schools this week.

Auckland JETAA

2 thoughts on “Winners – 2012 Hiragana Design Contest

  1. Could someone please tell me where the results are for the 2013 Auckland JETAA Hiragana Competition?

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