JETAA Auckland AGM 2013 – New Committee Elected

Annual General Meeting 2013

Our Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 9 February 2013 at Okahu Bay Beach. We had about fifteen people attend altogether with a few apologies providing proxies for voting. We met just before lunch so that the picnic side of the event could be set up before getting down to the business at hand. Prior to the AGM we opened a special meeting to vote on changes to the Constitution. These changes were to update the Constitution to better reflect the Chapter’s present day goals and priorities. These changes went through unanimously. If you would like a copy of the amended Constitution please contact us.

Following the special meeting we started the AGM. The main business revolved around electing the new committee and below is the result:

Executive Committee
President: Amelia Sirimanne
Vice-President: Shelley Butt
Secretary: Raewyn MacGregor
Treasurer: Justin Jones

Officers of the Committee
Liaison Officer: Jo McCarthy
Webmaster: Simon Page
Education Officer/Newletter Editor: Natalie Ford
DVD Competition Officer: Caroline Watson

We also have a number of ‘Friends of the Committee’ – Teresa Ahloo, Sonja Gallagher, Krystal Lynes, Katie Malone, Nicole Quinton, Linton Rathgen.

If you would like to get involved in any way, please get in touch with us.

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