Update from the 2013 JETAA Auckland President

Hello and welcome. I hope you enjoy reading about what JETAA Auckland members have been up to these last few months. The Chapter has been busy from the get go with the first event of the year being our Annual General Meeting. This was an election year and at the AGM we welcomed a new committee for the 2013/2014 Auckland term.

Shortly after the AGM a number of Auckland Chapter members assisted at the Consul-General’s booth for Japan Day on Sunday 24 February. Also early in the year the Chapter had the opportunity to visit with Junior Chamber International (JCI) representatives, to discuss if we had goals in common that we could work together to achieve. JETAA Auckland’s membership makeup is diverse so we hope that creating similar relationships with other organisations may help us better cater for our membership.

Some Chapter members were also privileged to visit with members of the Kizuna (Bond) Project as they recounted their memories and experiences of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. They shared with us the idea that these memories and experiences should not be forgotten but be used to shape and inform the future in a positive way. This was even more relevant as 11 March 2013 marked the two year anniversary for the Earthquake and Tsunami. We had a small quiet gathering at Takapuna Beach to reflect on this anniversary. As time inevitably marches on and we soon send off another year of JET participants to Japan, we also have some thoughts from a few JETs who were part of last year’s departure, sharing their first impressions of Japan.

Looking at the Committee itself, there has been a general focus on goal setting and future proofing. We have been looking at what we want to achieve in the short, medium and long term as JETAA Auckland. More specifically, the Committee, with the Vice-President Shelley Butt heading the project, have been working on getting a Returnee’s Pack off the ground for 2013 returnees. Work on this is well underway so watch this space for further information or have a look at the website in the coming months. Also if you’re an ex-JET around the Waikato area, think about contacting Ruth Ablett (contact us for her details). She will be looking at getting a few events/meet ups happening for our out-of-Auckland members.
Amelia Sirimanne

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