JETAA Meetup with Junior Chamber International (JCI)

In March, through a contact of our very own JETAA Secretary Raewyn MacGregor, a few of us including our President Amelia Sirimanne had the opportunity to meet with Junior Chamber International (JCI) Councillor Bill Teng and Asia Pacific Development Council (APDC) NZ based facilitator Shawn Moodie. This was a chance to basically learn more about JCI and APDC and for us to spread the good news about our JETAA community and how we aim to strengthen NZ – Japan relations.

JCI’s vision is to be the leading global network of young active citizens and with a large portion of their 200,000 membership of 18-40 year olds being from Japan, JETAA returnees would be an ideal fit for the young professionals they have in their ‘target market’. The Asia Pacific Development Council (Tokyo based) endorses the Chamber and creates opportunities to raise awareness of Asian cultures and the social cultural and business benefits reaped through these connections.

Although our respective objectives and aspirations may be differently aligned there may be some value in individual JETAA members further exploring what is on offer at

There may be some future dialogue with the JCI and APDC via Shawn in the future where there is some synergy in the promotion of our respective aims.

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