Sad loss of an undervalued treasure

The Fukuoka Friendship Garden was installed at Auckland Zoo in 1989 in honour of the sister city relationship between the city of Fukuoka in Kyushu and the former (pre-Super City) Auckland City. It is with regret that I write about its removal, which came about at the behest of the Auckland City Council despite the best efforts of many involved in the garden’s history and maintenance, and other groups, to save it.

The Friends of the Fukuoka Friendship Garden is one such group, made up of concerned Auckland residents, Japanese and non-Japanese alike. JETAA Auckland lends its support to their proposal to have the garden rebuilt and to encourage the council to apologise to Fukuoka City, its people, the people of Japan, and the people of Auckland.

More information on their movements can be found on their Facebook page, Help Us Rebuild the Fukuoka Friendship Garden.

JETAA Secretary

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