JETAA 4th Annual Hiragana Design Competition Entries Open

The Auckland JET Alumni Association is pleased to announce the fourth annual New Zealand Schools Hiragana Design Competition. Funding for prizes has been kindly provided by the Japan Foundation. The competition is open to all New Zealand schools where Japanese is taught. Judging and announcement of the winners will take place in October and November 2015.

Competition Details:
Students are required to design a set of hiragana characters to help in the process of memorisation.
Students are required to choose a line of hiragana characters from the 48 base characters of the Japanese hiragana chart and design pictures for each of the five characters to assist in the process of memorisation. A story will also need to be created to help associate the shape and strokes of the character with the sound.

Guidelines and Judging Criteria:

Competition Rules:  

  • Students may choose any line of five characters from the Japanese Hiragana Chart and create designs for all five characters.
  • If students wish to choose the “y” line then they must include the “n” ん and “o” をcharacters to make five characters. See as follows:


  • If students choose the “w” line then they must include the “o” を、”n”ん and two “y” characters to make five characters. See as follows:




  • All submissions need to be submitted as PDF formatted documents.
  • All work needs to be original work and not breach copyright in any way.
  • A clear appropriate font should be used.
  • The characters “sa”, “ki”, and “fu” need to be displayed as: さ、き、and  ふ.
  • One competition entry will be accepted per participating school. Schools with more than one student wishing to enter are encouraged to organise a school-wide competition to determine the individual competing design entry.


Judging Criteria:      

Details can be found on the Auckland JETAA website –

All submissions will be displayed on the NZJALT website. Prizes will be awarded for the best three submissions. All submitting schools will receive a Certificate of Participation.

The following criteria will be adhered to when submissions are judged in October:

–           Five characters from one line of the Hiragana chart are chosen. (See exceptions above

in the Competition Rules section.)

–           All character designs have an accompanying story or explanation.

–           Suitable appropriate fonts have been used, and submissions are A4 size in PDF format.

–           Points will be given for creativity, appropriateness, and presentation.

–           Submissions must reach Auckland JETAA by September 25th.

–           The Judge’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.



The following prizes will be awarded and addressed to the top three winning schools:

1st place: $200.00

2nd place: $150.00

3rd place: $50.00


Registration separate from the submission of entries has been removed in an effort to streamline the competition process. Simply complete the submission form below or download the form from the Auckland JETAA website and include with your school’s competition entry.


Please send submissions (one entry per school) by 25th September 2015

For full details and to download an entry form, click here


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