JETAA Post-Q+A Nomikai

The Empire Tavern
– 137 Victoria St W, CBD 

Feeling those winter blues lately? Missing that nomikai vibe of Japan? Or maybe your schedule thus far has been too full to attend any of our previous events? Well, fear not! JETAA will be hosting an event for the departing JETs and JETAA members to drink, nibble, socialise + reminisce!

After the workshop on Saturday 23rd June, we’ll be leading a sizeable group of departing JETs to The Empire Tavern and would LOVE for any and all JETAA members to come along! So, if you know of some fellow alumni friends who’ve been hiding under a rock, pull them out, dust them off and bring them along! Let’s make it a lively evening!

As there is no minimum spend required by the venue, everyone is free to order whatever they feel like. So if you need a proper meal or if you’d just like a tipple to last you an hour, it’s entirely up to you!

*Nibbles and finger food provided by the JETAA is TBC (dependent on budget restrictions).

If time is the issue, you don’t have to stay for the whole time. Any time that you do have spare and wouldn’t mind sharing with your fellow alumni members and departing JETs would be very much appreciated! We love meeting everyone in person and it’s not very often we get to have such a loosely planned event to cater to everyone’s schedules + budgets. So even if it’s only for an hour or less, do come and say hi!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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